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Cipla - Q1 FY21 Results update

Cipla  - Q1 (Cons) update Full read: Cipla Q1FY21.pdf (968.40 kb)

Cipla  - Q1 (Cons) update

Key Highlights

  • India: India business grew by 16% YoY with strong growth across the three businesses
  • South Africa: Overall business continued the strong growth momentum to deliver growth of 17% on a YoY basis in local currency; private business continues to outpace the market
  • US business: Reported USD 135mn led by Albuterol ramp-up; 14% QoQ growth
  • Quality Focus: Working with USFDA to comprehensively address observations received in Goa
  • R&D investments stand at INR 200 crores or 4.6 % of revenue
  • Achieved zero net debt position led by strong collections and improved EBITDA

Full read: Cipla Q1FY21.pdf (968.40 kb)